The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1192 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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A Little Payback(Kendra Dumbledore)-Part of the MILFs of May 2024.
The soft moan escaped from the mouth of Kendra Dumbledore when a man who was most certainly not her husband planted kiss after kiss down the side of her neck. The prideful woman just let out a breath when he nibbled the back of her neck. Hadrian Peverell most certainly had been an intoxicating man who drew the elegant woman deep into his web. He slipped down her dress.

“Just relax,” Hadrian murmured. “Let me take care of you.”

Hadrian would give Dumbledore credit, his mother was a stunner. And Hadrian could not help and enjoy the fact that he had the chance to f*ck her, literally, after all of the times Dumbledore f*cked him figuratively. She let out another cry when he slipped against her. Hadrian enjoyed her delicious DD cup breasts, and her moans escalated. Hadrian enjoyed kissing and sucking those lovely MILF tit* and made her cry in pleasure. She let out another cry and Hadrian pushed her down onto the bed.

Hadrian pushed down and began to motorboat Kendra’s tit*. Kendra let out another moan as Hadrian just pressed deep inside of her and made her cry in pleasure. Hadrian sucked on her and Kendra just shuddered.

“Oooh, please, have mercy.”

Hadrian just smiled and kissed every inch of Kendra’s fine body. Kendra shook underneath his tongue as he went down into her and tongue-f*cked her puss*. Kendra let out another cry and lost her mind when he disappeared deep inside of her. He held her down and rammed that tongue deep inside of her. Kendra let out another cry when Hadrian buried his tongue down inside of her and rammed into her puss*.

That tongue, it was so amazing. And her husband never went down on her. He was above such things. So that made Kendra just gush with pleasure. Hadrian knew precisely all of the right steps to take and he drove down into her. Kendra’s hips pushed up and down and she exploded for him.

“So good,” Hadrian said. “I bet you want to return the favor.”

Kendra’s eyes widened as she laid her gaze on Hadrian’s co*ck. It was so much bigger than her husband’s, that it was almost obscene. Kendra crawled over and she let out another cry. She leaned in and pushed those lips around his co*ck. Kendra hummed around his co*ck.

Hadrian leaned in and thrusted down into her mouth. The alluring redhead woman bobbed her lips up and down onto him. Each suck made Hadrian just amused how lewd Dumbledore’s Mummy could be. He grabbed her by the back of her head and thrusted deep inside of her. Each push brought her further and further into that mouth. Hadrian grabbed the back of her head and shoved more of his length deep into her throat.

“That’s a good little co*ck sucker,” Hadrian groaned. “I think it’s time for you to get your gift.”

And with one more push, Hadrian gave it to her. His co*ck erupted inside of her mouth and painted her tonsils with his seed. Kendra tilted her head back and moaned as blast after blast of cum fired down into the back of her throat. Hadrian plunged her mouth full of co*ck and made her moan when she slurped him down.

And then, Hadrian saw it. Albus Dumbledore’s MILF of a mother, with his cum dripping down her face, with her neck and breasts being lathered. Hadrian gripped the side of her neck and pushed in with another couple of kisses, making her moan. She shuddered underneath his touch.

“Excellent,” Hadrian groaned for her. “Turn around…show me that sweet little snatch of yours.”

Kendra just flushed and flashed her puss* in Hadrian’s direction. Hadrian just smiled it was so beautiful, it was almost obscene.

Hadrian pushed deep inside of her and teased her. Kendra let out another cry when Hadrian dug his fingers inside of her warm slit from behind. Kendra shuddered underneath his touch and made her drip excessively from him. Hadrian grabbed her snatch and rubbed her wet lips. And made her cry out in pleasure.

“Oooh, you’re so big,” Kendra said.

“You need to take my co*ck. It’s for the greater good.”

Kendra screamed when Hadrian slammed into her. She pushed back and he grabbed her hips. She let out another cry and plunged down inside of her. His rod pushed in and out of her and made her explode hard for him. Hadrian followed through by pounding her wet snatch and driving her completely wild with pleasure. Kendra tightened her walls around him and released his co*ck when he slammed down inside of her.


Yes, Hadrian drilled her too. However, Kendra’s body was a wonderland of its own. He massaged every inch of her lovely tit* and pounded inside of her. The loud sounds of pleasure striking back and forth drove her completely wild. Kendra tightened around his co*ck, going deep inside of her as he rode the hell out of her. Kendra moaned when he plunged down into her wet snatch from behind. His balls cracked against her thighs when he hit every inch of her.

“Hadrian,” Kendra moaned.

Hadrian decided to turn Kendra and look her right in the eye as he pounded her. Kendra’s thighs were drilled hard when Hadrian rocked back and forth inside of her. Kendra’s wet snatch tightened and released him when he rocked her body. Each thrust drove his co*ck down into Kendra and made her explode for him. She milked him and lost her mind when he rode the hell out of her.

Again and again, she lost it. Kendra tightened her legs around Hadrian and pushed deep inside of her. The ride continued to escalate until the two reached their mutual edge.

Hadrian smiled. He was going to cum inside of the mother of his former Headmaster. All of the headaches he received from dealing with the old man was worth it. Hadrian buried his face into that succulent titty flesh and made her explode when creaming inside of her. She let out another cry, when he finished deep inside of her. Kendra tightened around his co*ck and she moaned.

Kendra closed her eyes and could feel Hadrian finish erupting inside of her. She had been set ablaze with more pleasure as he fired deep inside of her from above.

That hot finish was something she would not forget for a very long time. Especially nine months later, as Hadrian’s cum soaked into her eggs.

Soon a daughter would join her two sons.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1192 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1192 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)
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