Are super stocks rare? (2024)

Are super stocks rare?

The Super Stock Challenger Is Rarer Than a Demon

How many Dodge Challenger Super stocks will be made?

Production will be limited to just 300 vehicles and built from the Hellcat Redeye Widebody.

How much is a Super Stock?

A: The top sale price was $150,000 for a 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock on Jul 8 2023. Q: What is the lowest sale price of a Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock - 3rd Gen? A: The lowest recorded sale price was $87,000 for a 2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock on Jan 6 2024.

Is a Super Stock a hellcat?

The Super Stock Widebody Hellcat is a more limited production build than Dodge's halo-Challenger DEMON. The HPE1000 upgrade takes the vehicle's impressive 807 horsepower and turns it up to 11, resulting in a tire-shredding 1,000 horses under the hood.

Is the Super Stock better than the Demon?

The Stage 2 kit pushes the Super Stock's power output to an impressive 885 horsepower and 787 lb. -ft. of torque. This enhancement even surpasses the power of the Demon, making the Super Stock an incredibly formidable opponent in terms of performance.

Is the Dodge Super Stock street legal?

If you want to get your hands on the fastest, most powerful sedan that is still street legal, then you need to set your sights on the incredible 2022 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock.

How much HP does a super stock have?

807 hp @ 6,400 rpm

How fast does a super stock go?

2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock 0-60

If you're wondering about the Dodge Challenger top speed, the Challenger SRT Super Stock can reach a top speed of 203 miles per hour, making it easily one of the fastest street-legal cars on the market. So, how fast is the Dodge Challenger?

What does super stock mean?

Super Stock vehicles may look like ordinary passenger vehicles, but they are highly modified race cars. The category features primarily late-model sedans and vintage muscle cars, and entries are classified using a system that divides factory shipping weight by NHRA-factored horsepower.

What is the super stock 0 to 60?

2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock: 3.3 Seconds. 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: 1.6 Seconds.

Is Super Stock faster than redeye?

By virtue of its Nitto drag radials, the Super Stock edges out the identically powerful 807-hp Dodge Widebody Redeye Challenger and Charger by a big margin because tires—i.e., grip—make such a huge difference. Who's fastest?

Is a Super Stock faster than a hellcat?

In the end, the Hellcat did a great job of covering the quarter mile in just 10.3 seconds at 129 mph (207 kph). However, the Super Stock was obviously quicker, needing just 9.8 seconds at 138 mph (222 kph) over the same distance.

Which is faster redeye or Super Stock?

Also the Super Stock is speed limited due to the tires at 168mph. The Redeye is 202mph. Front brakes and the rear gear ratio is also different.

Can a Demon beat a Tesla?

Not even the mighty Dodge Challenger Demon 170 is quick enough to defeat Tesla's 1020-hp electric sedan in a drag race. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is undoubtedly the most capable factory street-legal drag car ever made.

How fast is Challenger Super Stock?

Dodge claims it will get to 60 mph in 3.25 seconds. More importantly, it will complete the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds at 131 mph. The top speed is limited by the tires and is set at 168 mph.

Should I buy a Hellcat or Demon?

The Demon bests the Hellcat in most categories, including hp, torque, engine, suspension, top speed, 0 to 60 time, and more. However, the Hellcat's price is more affordable than the Demon. So which car is right for you? That depends on whether you're looking for drag-racing supremacy or daily comfort.

Why was Dodge banned?

It's so fast the NHRA has banned it

Yep, because of that outrageous quarter-mile time, the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) has banned the Dodge Demon for being too damn fast.

Why are Dodge Demons illegal?

NHRA's violation letter "ban" states that the SRT Demon 170 cannot run sub-nine-second quarter miles without a safety cage and parachute. That's right, this Dodge Challenger can hit the end of a drag strip in 8.91 seconds at 151 miles per hour! 0-60mph comes in only 1.66 seconds.

Why is Dodge being sued?

The lawsuit accuses Dodge of a "classic bait and switch scheme." The plaintiffs say they could have bought competing products, but the Durango Hellcat's limited status made it "highly attractive."

What car has 800 horsepower?

With 800 horsepower and 677 lb-ft torque under its belt, the 'H800' Ford Mustang GT upgrade is one of the fastest and most powerful muscle cars on the market.

What is the 0-60 of a Dodge Demon?

With 1,025 horsepower, a 0-60 mph time of 1.66 seconds, a quarter-mile time of 8.91 seconds, and a brutal soundtrack, the Dodge Demon 170 is the climax of the gas-powered performance era. Current production vehicles, based on 0-60 time, excludes non-mass-production vehicles.

What is SRT Superstock?


Leading from the front of the pack, the Dodge Challenger SRT® Super Stock flaunt the highest horsepower of any production car 2, coming in at a whopping 807 ponies.

How many super stocks are there?

With a total four year run of 1612 Super Stocks. Thats not just shipped to America numbers. Thats the all in global total.

What is the highest horsepower Dodge stock?

With its 1,025-horsepower (at 6,500 rpm), 945 lb. -ft. (at 4,200 rpm) production HEMI® engine, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 reaches 60 mph in a blazing 1.66 seconds and features the highest G-force acceleration of any production car at 2.004 gs. The Demon 170 can also reach 900 horsepower and 810 lb.

What is the super stock 1 4 mile time?

The result was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Sheldon blazed down the quarter-mile in an impressive 11.5 seconds. As he hurtled towards the finish line at a mind-boggling 123 mph, his co-pilot provided subtle guidance on the steering wheel, ensuring every inch of the track was conquered flawlessly.

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